What is Human Augmentation?

Human Augmentation. Definition, 4 examples & impact. What is human augmentation? What are examples and techniques of human augmentation? What is human augmentation? Human augmentation focuses on cognitive and physical improvement by adding or expanding ...

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Transhumanism Art & Artists: 7 examples

Transhumanism art. What are visionary artists on transhumanism? 7 examples: Agi Haines, Orlan & Cirque Du Soleil. Paintings, photo's, performances & more! Most of the transhumanism technologies are about improving skills that we already possess ...

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Transhumanism in Movies & Series: 10 tips

Transhumanism Movies. Examples of Transhumanism in Movies & Films about transhumanism: 10 tips! Bonus: best 3 documentaries about transhumanism. More about transhumanism This article is about transhumanism movies. Other articles about this topic are: what ...

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