The Future of Humans & Humanity: methods (5x) and vision

This article is about the future of mankind. What will humans of the future look like? What is the future of the human body? And what is the future of mankind? Future human beings What will the humans of the future look like? Will we create and sculpt the ‘perfect’ human? In this article, I’ll [...]

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Engineering Humans. Methods (5x), impact & the future

Engineering the human. How can you engineer yourself into a superhuman? Are there limits to engineering human beings? And what are the ethics and philosophy behind the development of a superhuman species? 5 methods explained with examples, including embryo selection and designer babies. How will these developments influence our future? What kind of impact will [...]

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Superhuman: definition, 7 examples & ethics

Superhuman. How can you upgrade your life? What are 7 examples like genetics, implantable electronics and more. Including benefits, risks, impact & ethics! What is the Superhuman? What is the superhuman? In previous articles that I’ve written, I’ve discussed closely-related concepts such as human enhancement, longevity and biohacking [link at the bottom]. In essence, it [...]

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Human Enhancement. Impact, 4 examples & opportunities

Human Enhancement. What does this term actually mean? Why are some of us cautious about using supplements or technology to enhance ourselves? This has to do with the impact that one individual’s actions can have on the rest of society. Human enhancement brings about new opportunities and possibilities, but it also comes with certain risks. [...]

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Longevity & Immortality: Methods & Impact 5x

Living longer. How can you live longer? Would you like to grow old in good health? What should you eat and what kind of lifestyle changes should you make? What scientific developments are taking place concerning longevity? How are technological developments going to help us extend our lives? And why do companies and corporations also have [...]

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Anti-aging. How to slow down & reverse aging: 9x

Anti-aging. What can you do to reverse or slow down the aging process? Which 4 pills can be used to stop aging (such as FOXO4 peptide / Proxofim)? What are 5 ways to reverse the aging process (such as removing senescent cells)? What kind of impact could this have (4x)? All about the latest developments [...]

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Technology ethics: definition, dilemmas & examples (6x)

Technology ethics. What is that? What kind of ethical dilemmas does technology bring about? How does technology influence our morals? What are some examples of this, what impact does it have on society and what are the risks? This article focuses on the ethics of technology, for instance within healthcare and genetics. Definition technology ethics [...]

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Biohacking: definition, explanation and tips (8 topics)!

Biohacking. What is that, exactly? What’s the definition of biohacking? 8x hacking your body and your mind for optimal results, and enhancing yourself through all sorts of technological developments, such as immortality. This article also includes a biohacking model, examples and 2 presentations. Biohacking is both a personal and a technological development that’s going to [...]

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