The Superhuman Masterclass

The complete course about understanding the future of mankind


We are living in the era of gene editing, nanotechnology, synthetic biology, and much more. The direct impact of technology on the human body, that is what human enhancement is all about.

Synonyms are human augmentation, biohacking and transhumanism technologies.

You are already way ahead of your colleagues and competitors.

Because when most people think about the future, they envision a world with flying cars, robots everywhere, holographic images and immersive virtual reality.

But, as professor Michael Bess from the Vanderbilt University in Tennessee states: it is almost certain that we will use advancements in science and technology on our bodies. So we can live longer, radically increase our cognition or boost our physical capabilities.

That is human enhancement.

Sounds fascinating right?

It includes all the essential insights about the impact of biohacking you need for your organization, industry, personal life, and for society.

This is what you’re getting in this Masterclass:

  • The most promising methods for improving, changing and altering ourselves.
  • The important differences between biohacking, human enhancement, human augmentation and transhumanism. And how that difference is crucial to your decisions.
  • The positive effects of different Human Enhancement Technologies like increased lifespan and improved cognitive abilities.
  • The unavoidable impact these developments (will) have on companies, healthcare, government, educational institutions and individuals. And how to be ready when they hit.
  • The most pressing ethical and political issues to consider and to prepare for right now and in the upcoming years.

If these are matters that are relevant to you… Professional, educational or personal, then this Class is perfect for you.

Not only can you impress people around you with your up-to-date knowledge and can you make well-founded decisions and investments for your organization.

It will also save you a lot of time trying to find the right information. Because I did all the work for you.

Welcome to the Superhuman Era.

Peter Joosten MSc.

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This Masterclass contains:

  • Consultancy session with Peter Joosten MSc. (45 minutes)

  • Access to Exclusive Video Series Business Pioneers

  • Access to Exclusive Video Series Thought Leaders

  • Access to Exclusive Video Series Case Studies

  • Book Future of Humans

  • Extra Bonuses: Checklist & Audio Series

On the rest of this page you can read more about the contents of the Masterclass. If you are interested, please contact Peter or the team to apply.

In the application process you will learn more about the requirements to participate, the time investment, and structure of the Masterclass.



“The Masterclass gives vital insights to investors, venture capitalists and start-ups focussed on biohacking and human enhancement. Must have!”

Arthur de Roey, Investor, consultant, and project manager

“Biohacking, biotechnology and biosecurity will have an impact on governments, law enforcement and justice systems all around the world. The Masterclass provides knowledge and frameworks for administrators to be prepared for this.”

Mariam Elgabry, PhD candidate in Cyberbiosecurity, Co-Founder and CTO of Enteromics

“I help entrepreneurs change the world by optimizing their health. I recommend Peter’s Masterclass because it also gives them knowledge about the impact of these developments on their businesses, the healthcare industry and society.”

Boomer Anderson, Founder and owner Decoding Superhuman


As a little kid I was already fascinated by superheroes like Superman, Batman and The Flash. During High School and University I sort of forgot about it. But while working fulltime as a consultant for local governments I got that spark back. I wanted to optimize my health and performance with the latest technologies. The goal was to become some sort of superhuman myself.

In 2014, I started a blog on quantified self and biohacking to share my ideas and insights. You might say that sprung out of control! Now I am a fulltime biohacker. I research, write and interview experts on the impact of technology on mankind. I also give lectures about biohacking on international stages like TEDx, The Biohacker Summit, The Biohacking Conference and the MIT Sloan Conference.

Learn more about Peter.

speaker biohacking


The Video Series contains exclusive interviews and video’s about human enhancement, augmentation and biohacking. These videos are not on YouTube or visible on any other platform.

The 3 Modules are:

  • Module Business Pioneers
  • Module Thought Leaders
  • Module Case Studies

The Modules receive continues updates. You will be notified when new videos are posted on the platform.

After you successfully apply to this Masterclass, you will receive the credentials to login on the platform with the Video Series.


In 3 modules with 10+ hours of inspiring and in depth videos you will learn about all the topics, ranging from methods to the impact of human enhancement technologies.

These are the modules in the Video Series:

Module Business Pioneers

In this module you will learn from the lessons and insights gained by commercial pioneers in the domain of biohacking, human augmentation and human enhancement.

This module contains exclusive video interviews with (among others):

  • Amal Graafstra (Dangerous Things, implants);
  • Liviu Babitz (Cyborg Nest, implants and augmentations);
  • Koen Indesteege (Mindscopic, nootropics);
  • Bjørn Ekeberg (Recharge, red light therapy).

Exclusive interviews with (among others): Amal Graafstra (founder and owner Dangerous Things) and Liviu Babitz (founder and owner Cyborg Nest)

Module Thought Leaders

In this module you will benefit by hearing cutting edge ideas about the future of humans by leading authors, academics and thought leaders.

This module contains exclusive video interviews with (among others):

  • Jane Metcalfe (founder Wired and founder;
  • Barry Fitzgerald (author Superhero Science);
  • Eben Kirksey (author The Mutant Project);
  • Yasemin Erden (SIENNA Research and University of Twente);
  • Pedro Lopes (assistant professor University of Chicago).

Exclusive interviews with (among others): Jane Metcalf (founder and Eben Kirksey (author The Mutant Project)

Module Case Studies

In this module you will have access to hidden recordings of keynotes, workshops and webinars by Peter Joosten MSc.

This module contains exclusive recordings (among others):

  • MIT Sloan Poland (biohacking COVID 19);
  • CuriousU University of Twente (introduction into biohacking);
  • Future Based (ethics of human enhancement);
  • Brave New World Conference (future of our species);
  • Technical University Eindhoven (quantified self and biohacking).

Exclusive talks and webinars by Peter Joosten MSc.


“An interesting peek into the near future of humanity and its relationship with technology. This Video Series is really insightful!”

Elena Tsigki, Project leader CuriousU summer school (University of Twente)

“Joosten playfully examines human enhancement and its impact on society. If you’re looking to radically alter your ideas on the future of the human body, this Masterclass is definitely a must.”

Ruben Baart, Editor-in-chief Next Nature Network

“With the increasing capabilities to alter, change and improve ourselves, the ethical questions regarding these opportunities become more pressing. The scenarios and cases in the masterclass are very helpful to start a conversation about these moral and ethical dilemmas.”

Sabine Winters, Founder Future Based


What will humanity look like in the future? Will we sculpt the ‘perfect’ human with genetic modification, brain implants, and robotic legs? In this book, Peter Joosten MSc. zooms in on the future of our species. Looking at different methods in the field of (biomedical) technology, the ethics behind them, and their impact on society, this book will give you a full overview of the current trends in biohacking.

Since 2014, Peter writes about biohacking, personal experiments, and biomedical technology. Now, all his ideas and insights are bundled in this eBook: Future of Humans. The Impact of Biohacking. Rooted in science and including practical advice and detailed case studies.

Note: This is a digital book in ePub format. You will receive the book immediately after the purchase.

Table of contents


This book will get you the following knowledge and insights:

  • The 7 most promising technologies and methods.

  • 5 Scenarios on how biohacking will disrupt your business.

  • The effect of human enhancement on healthcare organizations.

  • Ethical dilemmas, laws and regulations concerning upgrading mankind.

  • 6 Solutions to become future proof.

Some pages of the book:


“A fun and fast-moving introduction to the various questions that human enhancements forces us to answer.

Peter uses interesting cases to showcase the state of the art in bio-technology and to casually explain relevant themes such as neurotechnology, the ethical implications of enhancements, and possible future scenarios.”

Thijs Pepping, Humanistic Trend Analyst at think tank SogetiLabs

“If you are interested in everything that human augmentation encompasses, this is a very compelling read! Technological developments for human enhancement are sharply increasing and will impact each of us sooner or later.

Peter’s work gives important insights in what we can expect from these technologies, but also addresses the inevitable moral, ethical and political discussions raised by the impact of these developments.”

dr. Laura Huiberts, Technical University Eindhoven

“A fascinating investigation of the questions and details that will impact the fate of the human race.”

Johaf Hossain Chowdhury, Engineer NASA


This is when you will profit from this Masterclass:

  • This Masterclass is for everybody: entrepreneurs, students, researchers, philosophers, employers, government administrators and so forth. There are no restrictions. You only need a basic understanding of the English language.
  • This Masterclass is especially suitable for professionals involved in scenario planning, forecasting, strategy and/or innovation.
  • This Masterclass is suitable for students and researchers involved in themes like human enhancement, human augmentation, biotechnology and healthcare innovation.

The Masterclass especially applies for professionals in these sectors:

  • Businesses – What are commercial opportunities of human enhancement technologies? What is the expected market share, and how will it grow? What are ideas for innovative products and services?
  • Workplace – What are current examples of companies using human augmentation technologies to increase the performance of their workforce? How will this evolve in the coming years?
  • Healthcare – What is the impact on healthcare organizations and professions? How should healthcare professionals respond to the paradigm shift towards prevention and upgrading?
  • Government – How should the government act? How should they restrict risks with legislation, while at the same time invest in science programs and economic policies to thrive national innovation and international collaboration? Extra: the impact on armies, soldiers and warfare of the future.

To summarize, the Masterclass is a complete package for anyone who wants to have high-quality insights on human enhancement technologies, including, but not limited to:

  • strategy consultants
  • market researchers
  • future studies professionals
  • strategic foresight consultants
  • trend analysts
  • technology assessment professionals
  • R&D professionals
  • engineers
  • healthcare innovators
  • healthcare strategists
  • health science professionals
  • future policy strategists
  • foresight practitioners
  • government futurists
  • scenario planning professionals
  • designers
  • facilitators


When you successfully apply, you get access to these bonuses:

  • Human Enhancement Checklist – gives insights about the importance of human enhancement and helps to implement this knowledge into your (or your client’s) organization
  • Expert Audio Series – interviews with experts on human enhancement in separate MP3 files

Bonus 1 – Human Enhancement Checklist

The Checklist gives you insights about the importance of human enhancement, plus three questions that can help to implement this knowledge into your (or your client’s) organization.

This includes a practical step-by-step guide to analyze, interpret, decide, and implement your ideas and insights. The domains are: business development, innovation, strategic foresight, investing, health care and government.

Some pages of the checklist:


“Fontys Hogescholen prepares students for the future as a person and as a professional. That is a major challenge in a society that is rapidly changing under the influence of digital technology.

Biotechnology and biohacking play a greater role in this. The checklist asks the questions that help us to make students think about the consequences for their future.”

Rens van der Vorst, Technology philosopher at Fontys Applied Sciences

“The Checklist helped me tremendously in my research on biohacking and the future of cyborg technology.

Highly recommended!”

Isabel Kuipers, Editor UNID magazine

“I really liked the checklist, it opened my eyes on how different businesses are able to leverage human enhancement.

It also gave me inspiration on different ways to start innovating in the future. Well-worth investment!”

Demian Voorhagen, Entrepreneur

Bonus 2 – Expert Audio Series

The Expert Audio Series contains interviews with experts on human enhancement.

The interviews are in separate MP3 files, so you could listen to the conversations at your computer, while walking, or doing other things.

A list of the experts:

  • Professor Michael Bess, University of Tennessee
  • Professor Julian Savulescu, Oxford University
  • Professor Andy Miah, Salford University
  • Aubrey de Grey, SENSE Foundation
  • Gerd Leonhard, author & futurist
  • Mark O’Connel, author ‘How to be a machine’
  • Neil Harbisson, cyborg artist
  • Agi Haines, artist
  • Hannes Sjoblad, Dsruptive

Each conversation starts with a summary by Peter Joosten about the lessons he learned from the conversation.


“A professional and useful class into the amazing world of human enhancement. Peter succeeds in bringing us his vast experience and knowledge in the field, helping individuals and organizations to destigmatize the subject and enable its responsible adoption, which allows us to reap the benefits of this trend that is here to stay.”

Juan Campoo, Personal Transformation Coach and Behavioral Change Consultant

“With this Class, Peter Joosten offers a framework for companies to work innovative in the field of human augmentation and to embed this within the innovation policy. The breadth of the approach ensures a well-considered decision-making process.”

Tinus Jongert, Dutch Paramedic Institute

“This class on human enhancement approaches the subject from every conceivable angle and contains questions that show that all areas of society and personal life are going to change.”

Jur Vries, Trainer and Consultant


Now is the moment. Do you want to proceed on studying human enhancement by yourself? Reading all these books, listening to an awful lot of audiobooks and podcasts, and talking to the thought leaders and front running academia yourself?

And then?

Thinking on these scientific breakthroughs and technological developments by yourself. How will they impact my organization? What is the right strategy? How can we implement these ideas into our product line or innovation portfolio?

No. If you do not take action right now, you do not have to do this work. You can directly tap into my years of researching human enhancement methods, technologies and products. You have instant access to industry specific cases, special workbooks and canvasses to expand upon with your team.

What do you have to lose? There is a 60 day guarantee period. No questions asked, and you will get a full refund. Apply today and see for yourself how much you and your organization can profit from the knowledge and insights in this Masterclass.

Don’t miss out. Take the leap. You won’t regret it.


To summarize, this Masterclass contains:

  • Consultancy session with Peter Joosten MSc. (45 minutes)

  • Access to Exclusive Video Series Business Pioneers

  • Access to Exclusive Video Series Thought Leaders

  • Access to Exclusive Video Series Case Studies

  • Book Future of Humans

  • Extra Bonuses: Checklist & Audio Series

If you are interested, please contact Peter or the team to apply.

In the application process you will learn more about the requirements to participate, the time investment, and structure of the Masterclass.


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  • Regular price: 1,000 euro (VAT shifted, one-time payment)
  • Discounts apply for students, academics and non-profit organizations. Please contact us for more information.

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