Peter Joosten MSc. is a DIY futurist. His goal is to become a superhuman, by doing personal experiments with new technology and trying out all kinds of habits. He is the owner of the successful Dutch blog, where he writes about biohacking, quantified self, technology and health on a weekly basis.

He is a guest speaker and consultant at various companies and institutions. In his popular podcast show Biohacking Impact, he interviews various experts in the fields of human enhancement and technological developments.

Now his mission is to think, talk, give presentations, do interviews and post articles about the Superhuman Era. With this in mind, he started the platform


I was featured in these media:

  • Podcast Future Based [the Netherlands]
  • Podcast Decoding Superhuman [United States]
  • Article The Superhuman Era is coming – or are we already there? [United Kingdom]
  • Podcast The Biohacking Secrets Show [United States]
  • Article De hackar systemet för att förvandla sig till supermänniskor [Sweden]
  • Several Dutch media, see this page on my Dutch website.

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