What will the humans of the future look like? Will we sculpt the ‘perfect’ human with genetic modification, brain implants, and robotic legs? In this book, Peter Joosten MSc. zooms in on the future of our species. Looking at different methods in the field of (biomedical) technology, the ethics behind them, and their impact on society, this book will give you a full overview of the current trends in biohacking.

Since 2104, Peter writes about biohacking, personal experiments, and biomedical technology. Now, all his ideas and insights are bundled in this e-book: Future of Humans. The Impact of Biohacking. Rooted in science and including practical advice and detailed case studies.

It includes all the essential insights about the impact of biohacking you need for your organization, industry, personal life, and for society.

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This book will get you the following knowledge and insights:

  • The 7 most promising technologies and methods.

  • 5 Scenarios on how biohacking will disrupt your business.

  • The effect of human enhancement on healthcare organizations.

  • Ethical dilemmas, laws and regulations concerning upgrading mankind.

  • 6 Solutions to become future proof.


As a little kid I was already fascinated by superheroes like Superman, Batman and The Flash. During High School and University I sort of forgot about it. But while working fulltime as a consultant for local governments I got that spark back. I wanted to optimize my health and performance with the latest technologies. The goal was to become some sort of superhuman myself.

In 2014, I started a blog on quantified self and biohacking to share my ideas and insights. You might say that sprung out of control! Now I am a fulltime biohacker. I research, write and interview experts on the impact of technology on mankind. I also give lectures about biohacking on international stages like TEDx, The Biohacker Summit, The Biohacking Conference and the MIT Sloan Conference.

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“A fun and fast-moving introduction to the various questions that human enhancements forces us to answer. Peter uses interesting cases to showcase the state of the art in bio-technology and to casually explain relevant themes such as neurotechnology, the ethical implications of enhancements, and possible future scenarios.”

Thijs Pepping, Humanistic Trend Analyst at think tank SogetiLabs

“If you are interested in everything that biohacking encompasses, this is a very compelling read! Technological developments for human enhancement are sharply increasing and will impact each of us sooner or later.

Peter’s work gives important insights in what we can expect from these technologies, but also addresses the inevitable moral, ethical and political discussions raised by the impact of these developments.”

dr. Laura Huiberts, Technical University Eindhoven

“A fascinating investigation of the questions and details that will impact the fate of the human race.”

Johaf Hossain Chowdhury, Engineer NASA


When you buy the book today, you get access to these bonuses:

Complete Biohacking Checklist

The Checklist gives you insights about the importance of biohacking in every domain, plus three questions that can help to implement biohacking into your (or your client’s) organization.

This includes a practical step-by-step guide to analyze, interpret, decide, and implement your ideas and insights in different domains. The domains are: business development, innovation, strategic foresight, investing, health care and government.

Biohacking Explainer

The Explainer gives you insights in the definitions, differences and overlap in the following terms: biohacking, human enhancement, human augmentation, transhumanism, NBIC convergence and Cybernetics.

Each definition is accompanied with examples and case studies.


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