Human enhancement book. What are the best books about human enhancement and human augmentation? My top 8 and tips for (science) fiction & non-fiction!

Books human enhancement

What is a good book about human enhancement? Of course, you can order my book Future of Humans. In this book I will answer these questions:

  • What will the humans of the future look like?
  • Will we create and sculpt the ‘perfect’ human?

In this book you will learn more about the future of humans – for instance by looking at different methods and techniques in the field of (biomedical) technology, the ethics behind them, and their impact. Click here for more information about this book.

My book on human enhancement: link

Best book human enhancement

I frequently refer to non-fiction books by professor Yuval Noah Harari and professor Michael Bess. I also like to use examples from fiction every now and then, such as Brave New World and Oryx and Crake.

Here, you can find a list of the non-fiction books that I think are the best on this topic.

  1. Book Homo Deus
  2. Book Make Way for the Superhumans
  3. Book Evolving Ourselves
  4. Book The Gene
  5. Book The Techno-Human Condition
  6. Book Hacking Darwin
  7. Book Unfit for the Future

Here you can find a short description of the top 3 books:

1. Homo Deus

In the future we will have the capabilities of a god. With scientific advancemen