Superhuman Masterclass

We are living in the era of gene editing, nanotechnology, synthetic biology, and much more. 

When most people think about the future, they envision a world with flying cars, robots everywhere, holographic images and immersive virtual reality. 

But, as professor Michael Bess from the Vanderbilt University in Tennessee states: it is very unlikely that we will use advancements in science in technology to change the world around us, but will not apply it on our own bodies.

That is what this Masterclass is all about. 

  • What are the most promising methods for improving, changing and altering ourselves? 
  • What is the distinction between terms like biohacking, human enhancement, human augmentation and transhumanism? 
  • What are possible effects, like an increased lifespan or improved cognitive abilities? 
  • How will these developments affect individuals, companies and healthcare-, government- and educational institutions? 
  • What are the most pressing ethical and political questions in the coming years? 

If you are interested in these topics, from your personal, educational or professional interest, this Masterclass is for you.

Welcome to the Superhuman Era.

Peter Joosten MSc.

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The Masterclass will start in Fall 2020. 🚀

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Fill in the form so you are notified about the launch of the Masterclass

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