Since 2016, I am the host of the Biohacking Impact podcast. In every episode I interview an expert about a topic in the field of technology, science and lifestyle. Most podcasts are in Dutch, but I also have some English guests. Here you can find an overview of my English podcasts.

Boomer Anderson, host of the Decoding Superhuman podcast, about epigenetics and quantum health.

Michael Bess, professor at Vanderbilt University in Nashville and author of the book Make Way for the Superhumans, about the future of superhumans and artificial intelligence.

Recorded at the Brave New World 2018 conference where I interviewed three experts: Andrew Keen, Esther Keymolen, and Liisa Janssens. English part starts at 48:20.


Next to my own podcast, I am also regularly interviewed by other podcasts and radio shows. Here you can find an overview.