Transhumanism art. What are visionary artists on transhumanism? 3 examples: Agi Haines, Orlan & Cirque Du Soleil. Paintings, photo’s, performances & more!

Art transhumanism

Art is a method for thinking about the impact and effects of transhumanism. I myself have come to appreciate the role of artists and speculative designers in recent years.

A few examples are:

  • Agi Haines
  • Orlan
  • Cirque du Soleil

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Agi Haines

The English designer Agi Haines I mentioned earlier in this piece. She made a number of works with babies who are adapted to warmer temperatures on earth or who have an opening in their skull to connect a cable to the brain. The picture at the top of this article is one of her works.

At the Brave New World Conference 2018 I had an interview with Agi.

My interview with Agi Haines


The French artist Orlan has been working since 1990 on the transformation of herself [link at the bottom]. In a series of operations, a plastic surgeon slowly changes her face. She does this on the basis of five mythical female characters from art history: Mona Lisa, Diana, Psyche, Europe and Venus.

Watch an interview by The Guardian:

Interview by The Guardian with Orlan

Cirque du Soleil

The artists of Cirque du Soleil explore the possibilities of human enhancement to use in their shows [link at the bottom]. For example, one of the designers talks about “adding a mechanical tail to change the center of gravity.”

Watch a short item by Engadget:

Short video about the innovation lab of Cirque du Soleil

Artists transhumanism

In short, the possibilities of human enhancement are used or explored in all kinds of cultural and artistic expressions. The pursuit of human improvement is something that has fascinated us as humanity for centuries.

Since the start of our existence as Homo Sapiens, they have been stories, myths and legends about people with Divine or superhuman capacities. We have never lost that pursuit of improvement, only the form in which we now tell is different.

Now we use computer games such as Deus Ex, books such as Frankenstein, science fiction films such as Ghost in the Shell or art like mentioned in this artice.

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