Transhumanism books. What are the best books on transhumanism. Top 3 books about transhumanism: O’Connel, Kurzweill & Harari. Bonus: science fiction top 5!

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Best book about transhumanisme

What is the best book about transhumanism? My personal favorite is the book To be a Machine by the Irish author Mark O’Connel.

This is because the writer was able to give his own coloring to the story. It feels more like a journey past prominent figures in the movement where he sometimes brings out seemingly insignificant details or makes striking comparisons.

Mark O’Connel Interview

At the Brave New World conference 2018 in Leiden I held an interview with author Mark O’Connel who wrote the book To be a machine. We talk about his book, the most iconic characters in it and how he looks at transhumanism.

View the interview:

Interview with author Mark O’Connel

Two other books I really liked about this topic are Homo Deus and The Singularity is near.

2 Homo Deus

Another book that touches on transhumanism is Homo Deus by Israeli professor Yuval Noah Harari. According to him, it is irreversible that we want to improve our people and that we will eventually merge with machines.

According to him, the greatest danger lies in the dogma of humanism; that as a person we feel ourselves and know what is good for us. He warns that companies and governments with big data and artificial intelligence probably know better what we want and can therefore predict our behavior.

3 The Singularity is Near

Silicon Valley messiah Ray Kurzweil (picture above) argues that singularity is near in his book The Singularity is Near. In the 21st century, artificial intelligence will transcend human intellect. In this book he substantiates his predictions and emphasizes that the transformation to an artificial life form is a logical step.

Science fiction transhumanism

There is a good chance that far-reaching adaptation and improvement of people will take place in space. This is reflected in a number of stories. In the book Seveneves by Neal Stephenson, various branches of the human race arise after genetic modification. This is my favorite science fiction book about transhumanism.

Other science fiction tips:

The book Zero K by Don LeLillo is about cryogenic suspension, a transhumanism technology. In the book the author plays with the concept of time. What role does time still have when you are in cryogenic suspension? Are you still human without the passage of time? Or maybe you are more human than ever?

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