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Hire me as a moderator for your webinar about science or technology!  

Besides giving keynotes and webinars, I also host and moderate webinars, online meetings and digital conferences. The role of my as a webinar moderator is to do the opening and closing, the introduction of speakers, handling questions and answers, hosting a panel and much more.

In every assignment and with every technical tool (like Zoom, Webex or Teams) I look for ways to increase the interaction between the speakers and the audience, and among the audience themselves.

My domain of expertise are online conferences and symposia in science and technology. For example, in 2021 I hosted an online panel about human augmentation by the Royal Dutch Organization for Scientists.

Previous clients:


One of the most important things in offline and online meetings is the interaction between the speaker and the audience. In my work as a moderator that is always one of my key priorities. There are a lot of ways in which you can organize this, think of polls, chat and breakout rooms.

What does a moderator do in a webinar? Most of the work is done before the webinar or online meeting. With the organizers, like a company, governmental organization or University, I talk about the goals of the webinar, the program, the speakers, the platform, and the audience. Together we craft the program, after which I can instruct the speakers and prepare (the technical check, opening, introductions, and much more).

As a keynote and webinar speaker I also know what speakers like, and how to ensure they perform at their best. As a science-journalist and a technology expert,  I am familiar with most of the concepts, theories, and specialists in these domains.

webinar moderator science

As a moderator in a webinar about human augmentation.

moderator technology

My role in this webinar about the future of health was to do a quiz with the viewers and handle the Q&A.


For whom?

Because of my expertise as a science journalist, I am best suited as a moderator for webinars in the fields of science and technology.


The preparation consists of an intake and going through the webinar together, like the goal, speakers, audience, and platform. Afterwards, I plan an online meeting with the client to evaluate the webinar.

Technical aspects

I prefer to work with Zoom, but I can also use other webinar tools (such as Microsoft Teams, GoToWebinar, WebEx, Instagram Live and Jitsi Meet). I think the most important thing is to look for interaction with the participants. Furthermore, I have experience with various online working methods, from putting forward propositions, polls, chat, a Q&A and break-out rooms.

I present myself from a quiet room with a good internet connection and a high-quality microphone and camera. There are also possibilities for me to present from a studio (in or near the Netherlands).

Virtual reality

You can also book me as a moderator in VR. My agency is Beemup.


This is a sheet with my speaking fees. The price depends on duration, preparation, location, and additional wishes. Please contact me for the possibilities.


As a biohacker, I have been doing all kinds of experiments with wearables, gadgets and other new technology for years.  In addition, I draw on my knowledge of 100+ interviews for my podcast and YouTube channel with leading scientists, philosophers and experts in the fields of biotechnology, artificial intelligence, genetics, human enhancement, and much more.

I continuously keep up to date with the latest developments by reading professional literature, the latest news and relevant books on these themes.

My background is in Business Administration (Master) and Journalist (Minor). In 2020, I did a training in science-journalism. At the beginning of 2021 I did a two-day course in Online Moderation at Masters in Moderation. More about me on this page.

Are you interested to hire me as a moderator for your webinar? Feel free to contact me.